Ariel Harlap, M.Sc.,
Director of R&D and production capacity Ariel Harlap first discovered his passion for hyperspectral geology during his B.Sc. in the Earth & Planetary Sciences Dept. at McGill University, where he lept at the opportunity to produce an alteration map of a gold-silver prospect in Guatemala. He continued the project into a Masters degree, during which time he developed innovative techniques for mapping short-wave infrared spectra and an novel geochemical model for the transport and deposition of gold under epithermal conditions.  Upon completing his Masters he found work as a geologist, but eventually decided to return to McGill as a research assistant to work on prototyping a reaction cell which would serve as a model for an industrial-scale carbon sequestration process.    His varied experience in economic and hyperspectral geology, programming, and mechanical design, served as the ideal combination in helping the team to develop the Core Mapper™ hyperspectral camera for industrial-scale production.  Ariel strives to bring innovation and reliable operations to Photonic Knowledge.
Eric Roberge, CMA, President
Eric Roberge served as Vice-President – Finance with Photon etc. Inc. from the time it was first established in 2002 until 2010. A certified management accountant and graduate of the HEC Montréal, he has more than 20 years of experience in corporate management, taxation and the financing of high-technology companies. An experienced entrepreneur, in 1991, Mr. Roberge launched his own firm providing finance, taxation and accounting services to SMEs.  In March 2002, he sold his 350-client list to concentrate on strategic consulting, taxation and corporate financing. Then in September 2010, he sold his strategic consulting firm to focus full time on his functions as President of Photonic Knowledge.  An astute businessman, Éric Roberge serves as investor, member of the board of directors and financial angel with several high-tech companies.  In 2001 and 2002, he was a member of the Order of CMA’s professional inspections committee. In addition, he collaborated on a book dealing with personal finances.

Rahul Paul-Chowdhury, VP Corporate Development (for Mineral Vectors)
Rahul received a BBA, Finance from Bishop’s university and then went on to earn an MBA with Distinction from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth.  His career has included 8 years in retail credit and 5 years as a management consultant focused on measureable performance improvement.   Since 2003 Rahul has worked in the private sector as an internal process and systems improvement expert where he continued to lead productivity growth and cost saving initiatives throughout all aspects of the operation.  Throughout his career, Rahul has collaborated with people at all levels in an organization, and proven to be as comfortable and effective in the Boardroom as in the field. As a consultant he led projects in a wide array of industries where he has delivered measurable results through the design and implementation of procedural methods, management systems and corporate governance.