Core Mapper™

”This is the dream tool for all geologists,” stated Paul Arscott, Chief Geologist at Gammon Gold inc.”  

Instantaneously and on the spot, the Core Mapper™ allows you to estimate the alteration assemblages visible on the core. Indeed, the analysis of 6 boxes of core produces a spatial resolution 900 times greater in a field of sight 1666 times larger than a spectrometer.

The Core Mapper™ can analyze up to 1500 meters of core per day and to provide the results at immediately. This patented technology of hyperspectral imaging allows you to identify the spectral signatures of the ores sought for a specific mineral.

Once this stage is reached, the algorithms seek these signatures on the images of carrots of drilling and produce a chart considering minerals.... 


4.    Data Storage
All the data captured by the Core Mapper™ is provided to you so that you will have access to it any time in the future without having to handle them again.  This is important if you wish to re-process your core for a mineral which had not previously been classified.  In this situation, once the new mineral has been added to the Spectral Library, every previously acquired core is immediately re-analyzed and the new results are made available to you.
2.    Data Capture
Our team comes to your site with a mobile laboratory to perform the analysis of your core; completing from 800 with 1,200 m per 12 hour shift.

The team is comprised of an experienced geologist, a computer technician and a mining technician for handling the core.  You ensure the selected core available and we will do the rest.
1.    Creation of the Spectral
Library Working with your geologists, our team collects the mineral samples that best represent the geological structure of your deposit.  In our lab we work with these samples to capture each minerals unique spectral signature which together will for the ‘library’ specific to your property.  This enables us to consistently identify the relevant components of your deposit and highlight the correlations if the mineralization

3.    Delivery of the results

At the end of each day, wherever you are, you are able to see the results of that day’s acquisitions.  The results are presented in an image of what the Core Mapper™ saw (what we call a “picasso”) in the linearized format and finally in the 3D display. See section Results delivered