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Proving Land Value with Existing Core

Land holders with volumes of core housed, but not assayed or only narrowly done and who may not have the resources to assay.  They require testing to prove the value of their assets in order to raise funds for further exploration, or to gain better understanding of the mineral composition of the assets they possess.  

Early Stage Exploration Risk Reduction
Early stage exploration companies that must go to market to raise money for exploration.  They represent high risk due to the speculative nature of their claim and the time that will be required to prove it.  Together these make the first round of financing expensive and reduce the funds available for the exploration activities.

Due Diligence When Buying Property
When performing the due diligence on a prospective property where a significant volume of previous work had been performed, Photonic Knowledge will unlock the value of the historic core accurately, quickly and cost effectively.  Where time is off the essence, we are able to acquire up to 75,000m in one month, so you can have the information you need when you need it.  

Selling Property
When divesting of property that no longer fits your portfolio, Photonic Knowledge’s core analysis services will provide a pedigree for your property with which you better demonstrate the land’s value and take a more focussed approach in marketing it to prospective buyers. 

We are confident that we build land value by unlocking the value in historic core and we build share value by reducing drilling and assaying costs and compressing the timelines of early and intermediate phase exploration. Mineral Vectors and Photonic Knowledge– we are taking vested interest in your success and will partner with you to prove it!

For more information contact:
Rahul Paul-Chowdhury
VP Corporate Development

Tel.: (450) 965-9913 ext 212
Cell.:  (514) 233-9954
Mineral Vectors inc. is a financial services company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Photonic Knowledge Inc.  We were established to provide mining companies a means by which to finance larger projects employing Photonic’s hyperspectral Core Mapper™ .   Through a network of financial agents, familiar with our service, we will bring funding using non-brokered private placements ranging from $100,000 to $5 million. Partnering with Mineral Vectors is the first step in a long term relationship between you and the Photonic group of companies.